Friday, May 30, 2008

For Sunday June 1 - What Doesn't Shift

Psalm 46

(Video was made this for Kids Klub kids this week - birds & nest are in our back yard!).
As the goofy insurance ad says, "Life comes at you fast." Take this cool thing for instance...
Last Saturday, less than a single week ago, Ana ran across a little bird nest in our back yard (that's it above). It was on the ground in an area where she was weeding. In the tiny nest, she discovered four little hatchings which looked as if they had just come out of their shells.
I decided to chronicle the progress of the birds, figuring that it would be a couple of weeks before they left the nest and struck out on their own. Wrong! This morning I looked outside and found them not only out of their nest hopping around, but trying to leave the area completely. By this afternoon, they were hopping through the fence into the yard next door; mom and dad right with them, teaching them how to peck for worms and food.
The irony was not lost on me that God put this evolving story in our yard just as Amanda is hopping out of our nest and preparing to fly. She turns 18 in two weeks and had her last day of school yesterday. By Fall she'll fly off to Santa Clara University.
Changes like these are good. But what about the tough ones? How do we handle life then? That's what this week's Psalm is about - life when the earth quakes and the seas are foaming; when nations are in uproar. How do we rely upon God as our refuge then? Here's a hint I found in the Psalm: "Selah" - it's a Hebrew word scholars have had a tough time with for literally thousands of years. They think it may be a musical term, but it seems to come from a root Hebrew word "calah" that means weight or measure. So it might means something else. We will explore that on Sunday in worship. - Curtis