Friday, December 19, 2008

Joy, Joy, Joy

Christmas Sunday
I feel terribly torn. The kids have been off of school, the snow is falling, and I've got things to do. Not too deep inside this 48 year old corpus of mine is a child raging to get out and play in the snow, sled down the hill, and probably break something. I've indulged that child a couple of times this week, but alas, my kids are now too old to think it's much fun to play with dad. Then there's the problem of what to do about all the plans for church this weekend. I know we'll get the stuff together for the 15 families we're helping through Christmas Boxes of Love. But what about the worship service, the kid's Drama ... Christmas Sunday! Will there be ice, and will the abominable snow man show up and squelch our best plans? Time will tell.

I hope you've had a good week. I doubt it's been overly productive and perhaps that's good. This week, the coldest spell we've seen here in Beaverton in 30 years, is a good time to take care of what's needed, but then to just be a kid. That's my take on it. I hope we can gather for worship this Sunday. I hope you make time to help pack Boxes of Love on Saturday morning and deliver them Saturday or Sunday (we DO still need several people who want to deliver and this is the most fun you will have this week, I guarantee you). But even if the snow and ice descend, make sure to stop, look up into the sky with flakes falling, and thank God for this life, for his goodness, for sending Jesus into our world long, long ago.

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