Friday, May 8, 2009

Strong Medicine

Acts 3-4
Do you sometimes feel like you tip-toe around the topic of Jesus? Most of us do. Lots of things come into play. We don't want people to think we're a religious nut. There's enough of those around and who wants to fall in with that lot? Not that I'm judging, lest I be . . .well, anyway. And then we don't want to alienate people, or say the "wrong thing" or - you name it.

We tip-toe.

Not Peter.

After the resurrection this guy comes out with guns blaring, figuratively of course. No more hiding by the bonfire, denying Jesus. He's offending and alienating about everybody possible. Except those that he's saving with his sharp message. How is he able to be so insanely bold for Jesus? Why doesn't he care what happens to him? We'll dig into these questions this week.

Something to consider: Would you be willing to be as bold as Peter if you God said, "I'll do a miracle through you that will completely change someone's life and eternity"?

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