Friday, June 26, 2009

Poor You, Poor Me

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

If, today, you heard God say, "Let go" - what would you feel, deep in your heart, that he was telling you to let go of? Would it be to let go of some hurt; some resentment or anger? Let go of a behavior or addiction that holds you tight? Maybe Or to let go of a resource (financial or otherwise) for the benefit of others?

What does God want you to let go of?

In this 2 Corinthians passage Paul tells the church at Corinth to give their resources for the sake of the suffering believers in Jerusalem. Giving is more than letting go, but releasing is definitely part of what needs to take place. Letting go involves trust and that's part of what generosity is all about as well. Trusting God with whatever happens once we have released - whatever we let go of. And all of that doesn't even begin to address what happens when we release something for the benefit of others. That's another layer of blessing, of mystery. We'll dig into all of this on Sunday - and celebrate a great Baptism!
- Curtis

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  1. There are many things God wants me to let go of - He can not put His blessings in hands that are already full.

    He wants me to let go of my fears and resentments.



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