Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Time! Guest Preacher - Peter Clay!

Hi all! Okay, so it's Wednesday of my first week of two weeks of vacation. It has yet to feel like I'm "away." I'm normally pretty good at setting up boundaries around my away time. But it hasn't worked out well yet this year. Phone calls, loose ends ... you know how it goes.

In two hours, however, I'm officially unplugging. I'm taking 2 of my daughters to a secluded campground where there is no cell phone service, no electricity, and I don't think anyone will find me. I hope. I plan to dangle my toes in the river, swim, eat smores and watch my kids have fun. They're too old to want to include me in the fun much, but I'll try. So...goodbye!!!

I'm extremely happy to have Peter Clay preaching while I'm away. Peter is a gifted artist (both musically and in other forms of art), and a wonderful preacher as well. Peter has served as a pastor in the past, but it is his journey as a father, husband and child of God that has grown his view of God's Word into a form of preaching that should not be missed. He brings out depth and insight that will inform and inspire you. I hope you'll come hear him preach the next 2 Sundays. You can find his scriptures and sermon titles on the main CHBC webpage. Until then, wish me God's speed in disconnecting for a time.
- Curtis

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