Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Truth in Advertising

John 3:1-17
This is the "early in the week" version of the sermon blog. In other words, I don' t have much for you yet. But for starters... in John 3, Jesus talks with Nicodemus and discusses being "born again." More than any other phrase, "born again" has become wrapped in mis and pre conceptions. I think that's where my title, "Truth in Adversing" comes in. We get promised a lot of things when we come to faith, but how real are these? I don't know if it was ever really specifically said, but I got the idea that when I became a Christian I'd always be happy, and that I'd always feel God with me. I don't think I'm alone in thinking someone did the 'ole bait and switch on me. So what is the truth? More on that later in the week.
We'll take a fresh look at Jesus' talk with Nicodemus and where it leads us in our understanding of Jesus today.
- Curtis


  1. I was fairly young when I became a Christian so some of memories have long since departed. I do remember at least getting the impression from everyone that my life would be much better (happier, 'easier', dancing in heaven some day way out there. I also remember thinking that heaven was sitting still and being absolutely silent in the 'perfect' church service. Now who wouldn't be excited by that!? I sure hope that I was wrong about that one.

  2. I was 7 years old when I was baptized. My folks had changed churches and denominations and thought it would be great if my brother and I were baptized so that we could all become members of the new (ABC) church. I was promised that I would go to heaven and that I could eat the bread and juice at communion time. Both promises pleased me.

  3. I loved Jesus for a long time before I was baptized. I responded to an invitation at the end of worship while still 9-years-old. I have no idea what the minister said in his message that day. I doubt my response was to the message...more likely it was just "my time" to be official with my faith. What I remember about the experience was that after the service I was led to a smallish room with twelve men in dark suits sitting in a circle. They questioned me for what seemed like hours...but likely it was less than a half-hour. They scared me to death! They approved me for baptism and I was included in the next one. In spite of their inquisition, I count my "official born again" date from that time. I reaffirmed my public identification with Christ when I was 16...my adult confession.


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