Friday, August 6, 2010

When Heaven Opens

There are both profound and simple experiences that cause people to say, "That was a glimpse of heaven."  Such profound experiences might include the birth of a child (giving birth to, or being present for).  Or it might be something as simple as a particularly beautiful sunset or a beam of sunlight breaking through clouds.  Though our glimpses of heaven experiences can almost always be explained as natural events, we describe them as glimpses because we have some sense that a pathway or window between heaven and earth opened for a moment.  Something special happens in the course of the ordinary.

Jesus' transfiguration in Luke 9 was like that.  He takes a few friends on a prayer hike up a mountain, and -Shazaam! - he's changed.  We might wonder what exactly happened, there, but the more important question might be, "Why?"  Why was Jesus changed in this moment in such a radical way?  And why didn't he stay that way?  Why was it such a temporary state?   That's what we'll look at in this week's message, along with what it says to our faith and our place in the world today.  See you in worship!
- Curtis

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